ABC Stuttering Services provides online stuttering therapy as well as school- and community-based therapy in the greater Mid-Michigan area.


Clients will receive a thorough evaluation of their speech as well as other aspects of speech and language that may affect communication. Parents of young children who have started to stutter are particularly encouraged to call or email to discuss their child’s speech. Many children will recover from stuttering on their own, but a significant percentage of children will go on to have a chronic stuttering problem without treatment. If you or your child is concerned about stuttering, please do not hesitate to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to see if a full evaluation is necessary.


Each client who stutters is unique and will have different goals for stuttering therapy. At ABC Stuttering Services, we can help children, teens, and adults clarify their goals and develop a plan for more effective communication. Some goals may include:

  • Speaking more easily
  • Being a more confident communicator
  • Understanding the nature of stuttering
  • Advocating for accommodations at school or at work

Therapy sessions are tailored to each client’s goals and are provided by an experienced speech therapist with expertise in stuttering disorders. Therapy is a gentle process in which the client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to stuttering are explored and shaped. A positive relationship between client and therapist is essential to this process, and you should expect a highly supportive and safe environment in which to explore your (or your child’s) stuttering.