While many children who begin to stutter will outgrow it, some children will continue to stutter into adulthood. Rather than take a “wait and see” approach, please call today to schedule a free phone consultation about your child’s stuttering. We can share risk factors for continued stuttering with you and explore options for monitoring your child’s speech or conducting a more detailed evaluation to determine if therapy is warranshutterstock_288840905ted.

Evaluations consist of a thorough assessment of your child’s speech and language skills, as well as a detailed interview with parents. A report with recommendations is generated which can then be shared with your child’s pediatrician or teacher.

All therapy options include the development of a home program to help parents and the child who stutter develop good communication skills and promote fluency. Stephanie Hughes, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, has been trained in the use of the Lidcombe Program as well as the Palin Parent Child Interaction Program. Both therapy approaches help parents to talk to their child about stuttering and promote positive communication.

Parents may find this informational video about preschool stuttering from the Stuttering Foundation particularly helpful.