Teens and Adults

Each client who stutters is unique and will have different goals for stuttering therapy. At ABC Stuttering Services, we can help you clarify your goals and develop a plan for more effective communication. Some goals may include:

  • Speaking more easily
  • Being a more confident communicator
  • Understanding the nature of stuttering
  • Advocating for accommodations at school or at work

Therapy sessions are tailored to your goals and are provided by an experienced speech therapist with expertise in stuttering disorders. Therapy is a gentle process in which your  thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to stuttering are explored and shaped. A positive relationship between client and therapist is essential to this process, and you should expect a highly supportive and safe environment in which to explore your stuttering.

In-home stuttering therapy is available to residents of mid-Michigan, and oshutterstock_395383474nline therapy for those not within driving distance is offered for your convenience. Please contact us today to discuss services that might be beneficial to you.